WWII - Then and Now

P5 - P7

2 hours



Cost: £60


A street trail, WWII – Then and Now looks for evidence of everyday life during the 1940s. Linked to this is a visit to an original reinforced concrete shelter constructed during World War II .

The Torry Battery

P5 - S1

1 hour




Cost: £40


The entrance to the harbour has been defended for many centuries. Torry Point Battery has stood since 1860 and has a long and varied history. The focus of the visit is the Battery’s use during the Second World War. Pupils learn from photographs and original plans, using these as evidence of its use during the conflict. Their task is to match these with the visible remains of the present.

The tour begins on the Aberdeen shoreline searching for the remains of tank traps, investigating other structures near the shoreline, and finally to the Battery itself where pupils can readily imagine attacks from fighter aircraft above the skies of Aberdeen. The unit takes approximately 1 hour to complete and

links very well with our WWII - Then and Now and Shelter Visit (See above).

WWII - Aberdeen's Experience

P5 - P7


2 1/4 - 3 hours

Cost: £100

Aim: To encourage the use of historical evidence as a means of investigating World War II in Aberdeen.

WWII – Aberdeen’s Experience gives pupils an insight into how the conflict affected everyday life in the city.

Indoor research units use artefacts handling to look at a variety of topics such as:

•          Reinforced Concrete Air Raid Shelter

•          Morrison Air Raid Shelter

•          Anderson Shelter

•          Public Shelter

•          Bombing

•          Gas Attack

•          Head Gear

•          Identification – Civilian

•          Rationing

•          School

•          Civil Defence

•          Beach Defences

•          The Role of Women