On The Farm


The ‘Looking at the Farm‘ resources, well-known to teachers planning to take pupils on a farm visit, have been revised and updated.farm

The new resource – ‘On the Farm‘ contains some new material for pupils and teachers to take account of developments in farming and issues affecting the countryside environment. ‘Looking at the Farm‘ established a methodology which assisted all concerned with the learning process. Teachers found it an aid to plannning a programme of work, farmers knew what teachers and pupils wanted to achieve from a visit, and pupils gained a holistic view of farming, food production and the countryside.

On the Farm‘ places a visit to a farm as an integral part of a health and well-being study. Teachers are provided with suggested learning and teaching ideas which they can decide for themselves whether to incorporate into the programme. New topics added include energy, soil, and waste management.

The new resources include all the opportunities a visit to a farm can offer for learning about farming, food production and the countryside environment. They include pupils’ personal record sheets to enable first-hand note-making during a farm visit, and are suitable for use by pupils working at second and third levels.

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